About Us

Southern Fury is at the front of what some may call the new breed of southern rock. Some say their music is a hybrid of modern rock and classic southern rock! Others say that it has a biting flavor all of it's own! One thing's for sure, Southern Fury fans know that their band is a hard workin', rock and roll band, continually creating music that stirs one's blood! Born in the fine southern state of Virginia back in 1980, the band experineced many changes over the years and relocated in 2012 to Nashville TN.  Along with the addition of a few new world class players and the efforts of a growing enthusiastic fan base, Southern Fury is now ready to rock you better than ever before!  Now it's your turn to get your Southern Fury on and up... loud & proud!

The Lineup

Dave "DJ" Fernandez on Lead Vocal & Guitar

Bob "Bam Bam" Fischer on Drums

Rick Burke on Bass

Randy Laplant on Lead Guitar